Viking Haircut: Rugged and Sexy Style for the Modern Man

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If you are a fan of the History Channel, surely you are familiar with the popular hit series “Vikings.” This show has become so well-loved that many men are even copying the show with mimicking its trademark Viking haircut.

But what exactly is a Viking haircut? And why is this look suddenly all the rage in men’s hairstyles? We are here to give you the lowdown on why this rugged look is taking the world by storm.

Viking Haircut: What Is It?

Most people will say this hairstyle has its roots in Nordic history, but it wasn’t until the late 19th century. This trendy hairstyle became something of an iconic style for book, television and movie characters. It evidently made its way into the mainstream and has recently made a major comeback in men’s hairstyle fashion.

One of the best things about the Viking haircut is that it is a blend of many of the popular men’s hairstyles today. A sexy, rugged haircut with facial hair is the most popular look for the Viking hairstyle. It is so popular, that many women are even sporting the Viking look, sans the facial hair.

Viking haircut is a great look for those who are looking for a sexy new hairstyle but don’t want to lose the length of their hair. And the Viking is versatile as there are so many ways to rock this hot look. You can definitely find a way to embrace this style while encompassing your own unique flair.

In essence, the Viking hairstyle consists of a haircut of any length (short, medium or long) with either the back or side partially or entirely shaved into a style such as an undercut or fade. The longer hair is usually then styled in a top knot, man bun, ponytail or even a braid. Or you can embrace your punk rock side with a sporty Mohawk or faux hawk. Facial hair such as a goatee or bushy beard would make your Viking haircut even more epic.

Men of all ages and walks of life are embracing this hip and happening hairstyle. You can opt for a shorter, more refined look or let your locks grow as long as you like. That’s the best part about a Viking Hairstyle!

Viking Haircut: 10 Popular Looks

Here is a list of some of the most popular trends for Viking hairstyles. Try one or combine your favorites to create your own rugged look!

  1. Braids that are tied up in a top knot with a clean-shaven look.
  2. Bushy beard with an edgy Mohawk.
  3. Close-trimmed beard with a messy man bun.
  4. Braided hairstyle and braided beard
  5. Long wavy beard and closely shaven haircut
  6. Long wavy loose ponytail and neatly trimmed goatee
  7. Shaved head and long, bushy beard
  8. Uncut with slicked back front and closely shaven beard.
  9. Faux Hawk and long beard
  10. Shaved sides, wavy pompadour, and long wavy beard

A Viking haircut will certainly give you some swag if you are looking to break some hearts? Why not give it a try?